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Working Life

Work will be one of the most important elements of a person’s life as an adult. It’s important that an employee starts in the right way. Work gives people experience, money, friends, new skills, satisfaction and lots more.

These are just some suggestions to help employees get the best out of work.

Uniform and dress code

Employees should check with their line manager about dress code. It is important that they do not test the boundaries on this. Breaking the dress code at school is unacceptable, work is exactly the same.

Time keeping

Time costs money in work so it’s important that employees are on time all day every day.


If an employee can’t make it to work, they should not expect a parent or carer to make the call. The employee should always make contact to explain why they cannot attend work on that day.


Employees should ensure that they take lunch to work. It is important to keep healthy and fit with nutritious food.


Work can be tough, employees may be given things to do that they do not enjoy. It is important to remain positive and helpful.

Work /life/school balance for part-time jobs

Experience and income are important but not as important as school/college work. Spare time should be built into evenings and weekends to keep on top of assignments and post-learning activities.

Dealing with criticism

Working is all about learning. When we learn, we all make mistakes. If a mistake is made at work, be honest and help to find a solution. If an employee’s work is criticised, they should listen to what’s being said and learn for next time.

Getting along with your colleagues

Be polite to everybody and try to get along with all of colleagues.

Facebook and twitter

What is said online stays online. Employees must not be negative about their employer with online comments.

Unfortunately, despite working really hard and doing your best, sometimes things don’t go to plan.

What to do if….You want another job.

If an employee gets another job, it is not a good idea to just leave their current job with no notice as they may need to find a replacement. They should inform an employer verbally, and in writing, and agree a notice period to help them out. This helps them find a replacement and helps the employee to get a better reference for the future.

What to do if….You lose your job.

Sometimes employees lose their jobs through no fault of their own or because of a bad decision that they might have made. In such circumstances it is important for the employee to take time to think about why they might have lost their job and learn from the experience. That’s what work is all about… learning and building experience.

What to do if….You are asked to do something that is wrong.

Everyone has to do things at work sometimes that they would rather avoid….that’s life! However, if an employee is asked to do something that they are really not comfortable with, or they feel is wrong, then the employee should speak to their manager and a parent. If its work experience arranged through school, then speak to the careers team ASAP.

As mentioned at the beginning, work is a very important part of everyone’s life and getting it right comes with practice. It takes time, but people will find the right job for you by being positive and professional.