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Work Experience

What is Work Experience?

Work experience is an unpaid opportunity for students to gain valuable insights into the world of work, whilst still in school.  The work experience placement will be at the employer’s premises and the student will carry out a range of tasks and duties, more or less as would an employee. For many young people, this is the most significant contact with the world that they have before entering employment. The benefits include:

  1. Increased self-confidence, motivation and maturity;
  2. Increased understanding of the world of work, curriculum relevance and future career opportunities;
  3. Enhancement of employability skills addressed during PSHE lessons;
  4. An insight into ‘work ethic’;
  5. The placement can be included on future CVs, college and university applications, potentially helping stand out from other candidates.

Sixth Form Work Experience.

Whilst studying within AMVC Sixth Form, there may be opportunities for students to use regular slots on their timetable or opportunities outside of term time, to go out to work at an establishment relevant to their study or future career path. Work experience activities are in the form of work placement visits; work experience (1-2 weeks minimum), job shadowing, career-related volunteering and social action.

The earlier that Sixth Form students can arrange and begin work experience, the more relevant and appealing it will be in their UCAS, apprenticeship and job applications (part-time and full-time). All placements need to be discussed and agreed with Miss Stark. Of course, any work experience undertaken at any time during the course will be fantastic – it doesn’t have to be in term time.

Year 10 Work Experience.

All Year 10 students are to take part in work experience during the final week of the summer term.

Students may secure their own work placement but in order to uphold the school’s safeguarding focus, the placement provider must meet our health and safety guidelines. AMVC will work with students at the beginning of Year 10 in order to ensure that every student has a satisfactory placement and has received preparatory employment readiness curriculum learning.