Visual Impairment Hub

Peterborough City Council and a number of primary, secondary and special schools are working together to create a network of specialist hubs in schools across the city. These Hubs are developing to become ‘centres of expertise’ to help improve the support for all children with special educational needs and disabilities in all schools in the Peterborough area. The primary focus of a Hub is to equip themselves and other schools to support students with specific SEND. Some of these Hubs have a limited number of places for students.
Arthur Mellows is the Vision Impairment Hub for Peterborough.  The key role of the hub will be as a centre of excellence, modelling excellent practice that break down barriers to learning for those with Vision Impairment (VI). It will assist schools across Peterborough through the sharing of good practice, ideas for a range of teaching methods and the showcasing of materials and equipment to support and meet the learning needs of those who are visually impaired. The aim of this support will be to improve the outcomes for students with VI in these individual schools and settings across Peterborough.

Vision Impairment Hub at Arthur Mellows

AMVC Offer





World Sight Day was on 11 October 2018 and being a VI hub, we felt that it should be celebrated at AMVC. Our two VI specialist created a display board that was advertised outside our SEN department and created a lot of discussion amongst staff about VI and who our VI students were in our school community. Our students also enjoyed looking at the various aspects of the board which included touching multi-sensory material, and having various discussions about what it would be like to be a VI student in school. Overall a very worthwhile and beneficial practice in raising awareness.





Please see below a selection of resources available:

Guide Dog Information and Guidance

  1. An environmental audit for a VI student to function successfully
  2. VI resources available at AMVC for loaning
  3. Mobility Suggestions
  4. Mobility Awareness and Suggestions by RNIB
  5. RNIB Food Technology Suggestions for VI Learners
  6. Touch typing Strategies and Suggestions for VI Learners
  7. VI adaptation of work guidance
  8. Teaching Strategy Sheet for Visually Impaired Students
  9. Access To Subjects (8 individual resources for different departments
  10. Inclusion Checklist - To encourage inclusion of VI in the classroom - some top tips
  11. Specific Learning Difficulties and Visual Difficulties
  12. Adapting and modifying - How to adapt and modify resources for VI
  13. Well Prepared - making exam papers work for learners with sight problems