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Summary Statement on Remote Learning Provision

Summary of Remote Learning Programme from January 2021

The Government have directed schools to provide 3-5 hours of learning per day. Our programme is planned around students having work available for 100% of their timetable through a mix of live lessons and teaching through independent work, set either on SharePoint or uploaded to Microsoft Teams. The blended approach means that students have opportunities for ‘face to face’ contact with their teachers regularly via the live lessons or can seek help via the Teams ‘chat’ function (which allows a private conversation).

Teachers direct students to the work via the ‘posts’ function on Teams. Work is organised in dated folders to ensure it can be found easily. Teachers also schedule live lessons using the Teams calendar prior to lessons so that students can plan their learning time at home. Live lessons take place at the same time as they would in school to ensure there are no clashes.

Tariffs for live lessons

  • Exam groups Years 11 and 13 – 100% live lessons (this may not mean full 50 minute lessons)
  • Years 10 and 12 – at least 50% live lessons and for the remainder, students work independently using SharePoint/Teams.
  • Years 7-9 – at least 1 in 3 live lessons and for the remainder, students work independently using SharePoint/Teams.

Independent Work

This is of a high quality and equivalent to the amount of work that students would complete in the classroom (outside of the teacher talking). It allows students time away from the screen to work independently as they would in a classroom. Teachers will indicate which pieces of work they will provide feedback on so students are able to understand the progress they are making and how to improve.

Additional Resources

We have shared with parents the many resources outside of live lessons and independent work they can access. We are highly recommending the Oak National Academy videos and the newly purchased GCSE Pods which allow a similar experience to live lessons. Teachers are using these as part of the work that they are setting, but students can supplement the work set with these excellent resources too. Other resources available are:

  1. The myON digital library (Years 7-10)
  2. Educake Key Stage 3 Science and English and Key Stage 4 Science, English, History, Geography
  3. Maths Watch
  4. Seneca Learning - resources for all subjects.
  5. Linguascope for MFL
  6. Pixl App for Key Stage 4 Maths, English Literature, History, Geography
  7. BBC Bitesize for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Critical Workers children/Vulnerable children in school

These students are cared for in school and follow exactly the same work as students working from home. LSAs have been assigned to groups where the critical worker children have an SEN need.

Students with no digital access

We have loaned out the devices we have been allocated and actually received, prioritising students in exam groups and will continue to do so as more arrive. For those who remain without digital access, work is collated for students and available for collection each week on a Wednesday between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm. This is only available for students with no digital access and not for critical worker children attending school. If parents do not collect the work for 2 weeks running, then they will be removed from the list, because providing this resource is very time consuming for staff and we have already seen lots of work not collected!

SEN Students

Those with an EHCP can come into school as part of the Vulnerable children programme to access support. However, if these students are working from home, then they have been allocated a TA who will make regular contact, usually weekly to allow ‘face to face’ opportunities to seek additional support.

Detailed advice is available on the Remote Learning area of the website informing parents and students about things such as planning the day following your normal timetable etc.