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Special Educational Needs

As you will be aware, we continue to experience the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the Government’s stated aim of getting all students back to school in September, the College is carefully constructing protocols and guidelines, that will help make the College a safe place for all 1650 students.

This is an incredibly difficult task with many ever-changing variables, to consider. The College has been sending a regular stream of information emails about various topics related to the September restart and will continue to do that over the next few days. If you have missed these then the College website has a full and comprehensive checklist of areas that have been covered which I would encourage you to read/look at with your son/daughter.  Please access via the following link:

The College faces, as with all schools, a tremendous draw on its limited resources, to make the environment safe for all.  No additional resources have been provided by Central or Local Government to achieve this.  Some of that we are doing are shown in the recent video sent out to all parents:

I have to inform you that the College is currently unable to offer the same level of provision that was provided pre-pandemic due to the need to adhere to the statutory requirement of social distancing and maintaining social Year Group bubbles.  This requires additional capacity and staff which we do not have.

With these restrictions in play, we are investigating different ways in which we can support students.  We will be offering a limited breakfast club for some students and a Key Stage 3 lunch club, both of which will require strict adherence to guidelines. We will have the opportunity to be able to explain all of these changes further personally to your child on 3 September 2020 providing they have accepted a SEN workshop appointment. 

As the term progresses and a sense of some normality hopefully returns, we will assess and investigate other options of developing safe practices for other provisions. 

We will also be offering limited withdrawal, where possible based on Year Group bubbles. 

You will have seen from the information that due to health and safety, lockers will not be available, but we intend to use some resource to allow certain students access to lockers in the SEN area.

These are difficult times and I understand the anxiety you may have. Please rest assured, we are using our much reduced capacity to the absolute maximum to support students where possible.  Hopefully as the pandemic is controlled at a national and local level, we will have more flexibility to add to our school provision.

I will keep in touch as we go forward to update you further.

Kind regards

Mrs B Harrison         Mr D Whiles and Mrs S Humble
SENCO                       SEN Link Governors