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Sociology is the study of society. A Level Sociology examines social behaviour from a variety of perspectives including how individuals are organised into groups according to distinctions such as class, gender and race. A Level Sociology also looks at the institutions and forces which shape and are shaped by groups within a society, such as the media, religion and education.

A Level Sociology focuses on contemporary society, providing an awareness of the importance of social structure and actions in explaining individual behaviour. Questions our A level Sociology course covers include:

  • Why are black people five times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police?
  • Why do boys underachieve in the education system?
  • Why are women more likely to join a cult compared to men?

In Year 12, students study Education and Family and Households. They study the role and purpose of education; educational policies and educational achievement of different social groups. They investigate different sociological views on the role of the family, the changing experience of childhood and relationships between couples.

In Year 13, students study Crime and Deviance and Beliefs. They examine the causes of crime and why some groups are more likely to break the norms of society than others. They investigate green crime, state crime as well as media representations and influences on crime. They also study the social role of religion, including explanations for the rise of religious extremism, the debate about whether the world is becoming more secular, and evaluate explanations for the rise in new religious movements including cults and sects.