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Sixth Form - School Re-opening

Arrival to College

All students to be on site by 8.40 am entering through the gates near the McLaren Building (Entrance C).   Students should NOT arrive on site prior to 8.20 am.

On arrival, students are to use the sanitising stations available in the College and in all classrooms

Students arriving between 8.30 am - 8.40 am to go straight to their Form Room 

Students arriving between 8.20 am - 8.30 am to meet in the Sixth Form Cafe or R6 which has been arranged to adhere to social distancing guidelines

Sixth Form Leadership staff will supervise these spaces and control student numbers, indicating when it is time to move to Form Rooms

Movement around the College

Students to follow the one-way system as indicated in the return to College guidelines for all students

Students not following this will face disciplinary action

Lesson time

All students to follow hygiene guidelines implemented by class teachers, adhering to social distancing and acting responsibly for their own safety when with peers
All students to use sanitising equipment at the beginning, during and end of lessons as instructed by members of staff responsible for these spaces

In Free Periods

During free periods students will have the option to use their gold (Year 13) and silver (Year 12) cards to leave the College site BUT they take full responsibility for ensuring that they are behaving responsibly and are adhering to recommended guidelines on Covid safety. The card system is a privilege and abuse of this, will result in the privilege being removed.

When leaving the site they will be required to formally sign out and sign in to ensure that we have an accurate log for fire registers

Registration is compulsory for all students at 8.40 am and period 5
Students will have access to a number of rooms in their free periods which they can use responsibly. These will be advertised daily and will be independent study areas. 

At lunch and break time

The break time for Year 12 and 13 is at 11.30 am - 12.05 pm. Students will have access to a range of spaces including their tutor bases during this time. We encourage students to bring in their own snacks from home if they are choosing to eat at this time

The lunch time for Year 12 and 13 is at 12.55 pm - 1.30 pm. Students will have access to the Main Hall (Year 12) and the Sixth Form Café and R6 (Year 13) during this time. Students will be able to purchase take away food eg sandwiches, subs, pasta pots etc during this time

Students can opt to use their gold card privilege to leave site for break and lunch but must adhere to the timings of the College day and not be late on return otherwise they will have their gold card privilege removed

All students to adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times and use the sanitising equipment available to them

Use of toilets

Sixth Form students to use the designated Sixth Form toilets as explained to them on Monday 7 September 2020 (Year 13) and Tuesday 8 September (Year 12)

Use of buses including public transport

All students to wear face coverings in line with national transport guidelines
Those using Local Authority transport, following appropriate guidelines

Car parking for Sixth Form students 

Students can use the Sixth Form car park and will need to apply for a permit from Mrs Jones or Mrs Barnsley in the Sixth Form office if they do not already hold one - spaces are limited

All students are to take responsibility for the safety of themselves and others if they are car sharing by wearing face coverings and adhering to Covid Safety guidelines

This information will be reviewed and updated as part of the procedural review for safety and Covid-19 prevention strategies.