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The Politics course is a relatively new addition to the College’s wealth of subjects and has enjoyed a good amount of success within that short time. We have been incredibly proud to send one of our A Level students off to Cambridge to study Human, Social and Political Sciences.

Politics is taught exclusively at a Key Stage 5 level by a small but dedicated department. We regularly engage in department meetings to discuss the latest political developments. This has been particularly key as of late due to the rapidly changing political landscape.

We are also regular attenders of Politics CPD events. This allows us to engage in the best practices of teaching Politics and make us more accurate and knowledgeable markers. These sessions let us pass on to our students a wealth of information from exam board experts.

In doing this we wish to offer our students the latest examples and information that they can use to further their knowledge and impress in their essays.

Politics is a totally exam-based subject, and it is broken down into three 84 mark papers.

In Year 12 we focus on UK Government and Politics and political ideologies.  These sections make up Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the course.

In Year 13 we turn our attention ‘across the pond’ and look at the wonderful and wild world of US politics.  This makes up the final Paper 3 of the course.

Politics is all about the now – and will help you to gain a wider appreciation and understanding of not only events in Britain but also the world at large. It aims to make us more active citizens who wish to engage with the political system in a constructive way. This is especially relevant and important in a time when apathy and mistrust seem to be on the rise.

Our aim for the department is to develop our subject within the College and see a steady growth in cohort size. To start to run engaging politics trips to London to view the Houses of Parliament and America to see their seat of power in Washington DC.

Our aspiration as a department is to improve outcomes for our students and keep pushing to improve the number of A/A* grades achieved in previous years and help students to achieve their full potential in their next stage in life.  Politics A Level will equip students with the ability to craft well-structured arguments, critically think and engage with the world around them. All invaluable skills for university and life beyond.