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The Maths department is committed to help all students achieve their full potential in Maths. Students are always encouraged to work hard in lessons and complete all homework.

The department is fully staffed with experienced mathematicians, who are always ready and willing to help and support students during their journey through the world of mathematics.

Key Stage 3 Maths

In Year 7 and 8 students are taught in sets. The year is divided into two populations.

The groups follow the Key Stage 3 scheme of work which is differentiated into 3 parts: Extension, Core and Support.  Most groups use a text resource relevant to the scheme they are following. 

 In Year 9 students are set by ability across the whole Year Group.  Students will follow a scheme of work to make the link from Key Stage 3 Maths to GCSE.

Key Stage 4 Maths

Students all work towards the GCSE in Mathematics.  

In Years 10 and 11 students are grouped into two bands according to Mathematics, English and Science ability.  Students are then set by mathematical ability within these bands.

Key Stage 5 Maths

Students follow a linear qualification which is taught across the 2 years.

The department also offers Further Mathematics A level to the most able if they choose to study it. The modules studied are outlined below.

Year 12 (Further)
  • Core 
  • Statistics 1
  • Decision 1
Year 13 (Further)
  • Further Core
  • Statistics 1
  • Decision 1

How can I support my child with their Maths studies?

Parents can support their child/children in maths in the following ways:

1. Ensure that their child has the following equipment required for each lesson in Maths.

  • Pen- black or blue ink only preferably in biro.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scientific calculator – the department recommends the Casio FX-83X GTX plus, the College sells them from the Finance Office
  • Compass.
  • Protractor.

2. Check their child’s planner on a regular basis for maths homework.

3. Provide a suitable environment for completing homework.

4. Support their child with their homework, help them, please do not do it for them.

5. Read the teacher’s assessment comments in exercise books and support any weak areas.

6. Encourage their child to use maths in everyday situations eg estimate the shopping bill, newspaper number puzzles, etc. 

Gifted and Talented opportunities

UKMT Maths Challenge Competitions

Students in top sets of Years 7 to 13 take part in Maths Challenge competitions which take place annually across the country.  Years 7 and 8 take part in the Junior competition, Years 9 to 11 take part in the Intermediate competition and Key Stage 5 students enter the Senior competition. Students can be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate and those in the top 5% are then invited to attend the next level of competition which can lead onto taking part in the worldwide competition.  In addition to this teams are selected to represent the college in the Maths Team challenges for the region.  Success in this heat would lead to the team being entered in the national team challenge. 

Useful websites for Maths This is an excellent revision resource, with video refreshers and instant feedback questions.  Ask your teacher for log-in details. A really good place to practice maths for all topics. Mock papers available and lots of GCSE practice.
Online resources for A Level particularly Further Maths and applied modules.
Ask your teacher for log-in details.