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Food Preparation and Nutrition


Year 7

 In Year 7 we work on developing the students’ practical skills and introducing them to pieces of equipment and methods they may not have used before.  Some students will come to us with amazing understanding and skill due to hours of cooking with parents and grandparents, others have had little opportunity to cook and so we start off with the basics.

Year 8

 Nutrition is the main emphasis in Year 8, looking at the main food groups, their functions and sources, building upon the skills learned in Year 7.

Year 9

 In Year 9 we continue to build confidence and independence in the kitchen.  We explore multicultural dishes including religious laws associated with food.  We focus on the Science behind processes in cooking through experimental work in class.


Year 10

 Year 10 is spent covering the syllabus to free up time in Year 11 for coursework. The scheme of work covers topics such as bread, cake and pastry making, salad dressings and cook chill products. We will also develop the design make and evaluate skills learned in Key Stage 3. Emphasis is based on the understanding of ingredients, their nutritional value and their functions within food products.