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GCSE Citizenship is an exciting and thought-provoking subject that allows our students to question topics on Government, Politics and Law. The subject’s aim is to enthuse and engage students in taking an active role as young citizens in modern Britain.

GCSE Citizenship looks at three key areas:

  • Life in Modern Britain.
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Politics and Participation

The course is assessed by two examinations both of which are 1 hour and 45 minutes and are both worth 50% of the overall mark.

Students will also take part in an Active Citizenship Project. The project requires students to investigate and research an issue, take responsible action and measure their impact against objectives.

This is compulsory part of the course is very exciting as students have the chance to see how their work can impact on the lives of others in their local community or nationally.

This is subject for those that are truly interested in the world around them, in the laws that we follow (and make) the people that create and enforce those laws. It is the subject where you find out about how our democracy works in the UK and what you can do to make your local community and even your country a better place. To take this subject you will need to be interested in what is happening in politics and in the news generally and you will need to be keen on debating and forming your own views about the most important issues that face all of us today.