Art is all about being creative. The department aims to make students more aware of the world around them, both visually and morally. Students are encouraged to be active in decision making and engage in their work.
At Key Stage 3 students are taught Art and Design as a separate subject with Art Textiles being part of the Technology rotations.   Key Stage 3 students study many techniques and processes, including drawing; painting; digital collage; ceramics; Batik, various printing processes, sewing techniques and textiles construction.  The topics are then enhanced by in-depth studies of artists/movements/designers relevant to each project.
Through this broad approach to producing Art, Craft and Design students build on artistic and intellectual skills, but also develop self-discipline, respect and independent learning.

GCSE Art, Craft and Design and GCSE Art Textiles

At GCSE students can choose between Art, Craft and Design or Art Textiles courses depending on their interest and skills. Bpth courses offer stuents the opportunity to be creative and devlop skills in different techniques and processes. Students are required to produce a porfolio of practical work that demonstrates their skills and complete a practical examination at the end of the course. 



A Level Fine Art and A Level Art Textiles

The Art Department offers students the opportunity to study Fine Art or Art Textiles at A Level.
The courses build upon the work done in GCSE but at a much higher level and students are expected to build their practical skills and contextual understanding to an advanced level. The A Level courses in both Fine Art and Art Textiles are focused on working with individuals in order to produce work that is unique, creative and personal to them. As a department we have skills in a wide variety of media and pride ourselves in being able to ensure students produce work that is reflective of their highest levels of attainment 
Students are expected to be self-motivated enough to work independently in the sixth form art studio during and after school. They must have an inquisitive mind and want to explore ideas and problems posed by the visual world around them.