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A Level Results - Summer 2021

We are incredibly proud of all of the students in the Sixth Form receiving their A Level and Vocational results during these unprecedented times.

The Year Group have done exceptionally well and special mention should go to the following for their impressive achievements:

Emily Chan

Harvey Hancock

Tiffany Chan

Piper Hebditch

Sadie Collie

Claudia Horrocks

Jacob Cook

Bryn Jones

Emma Covill

Andrea Lappin

Isabella Crowther

Tilly Little

Omar Ellis

Chris Login

Ally Froggatt

Olivia Nolan

Sam Garner

Owen Oldfield-Rose

Annie Gidney

Roan Pilsworth

Michael Greene

Daria Slaby

Gray Hailey

Joshua Snowden

Isobel Hailey

Morgan Thompson

Lucy Hales

Philippa Thompson


Mackenzie Whyman


The Head of Sixth Form Emma Kavanagh is delighted for the students who have secured places at many top Universities to study a range of subjects including Veterinary Science, Mathematics, Law, Drama, History, Psychology, Sport and English Literature, as well as a range of top apprenticeships and want to congratulate all of them for their efforts and hard work in what has been an extremely hard two years for them. The resilience and determination they have shown is commendable.

Jonathan Oakley, the incoming Head of College said It has been an incredibly demanding end to the students’ time at the College and we are immensely proud of everyone.  I would like to say a personal well done to all students for their hard work.”


Head of College (Incoming)