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New Head of College at Arthur Mellows

Following a period of 14 years, Mike Sandeman, Head of College is stepping back from his role at the end of this academic year, to assume a full-time role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Four Cs Trust which currently oversees Arthur Mellows and three other Peterborough Primary Schools.  From 1 September 2021 the Head of College at Arthur Mellows will be Jonathan Oakley, currently Deputy Headteacher.

Jonathan Oakley has been the Deputy Headteacher at the College for 14 years and during that time has played a major role in raising standards at the College to its consistently high level.  Jonathan has regularly deputised for the Head of College when required and is involved at the highest level in terms of strategic planning, for both Arthur Mellows and the wider Multi-Academy Trust.  His appointment will allow a seamless transition, with the Senior Team remaining constant.  The Trust Board is confident that this appointment will provide a continuation of approach and will not affect the day to day experience of students.

The oversight of this change is via the Four Cs Trust which, since its inception, has focused on offering and maintaining a high standard of education for our students under the guidance of Mike Sandeman as CEO, Jonathan Oakley as Chief Operating Officer and Ben Erskine as Primary Lead.  In the first 5 years of the development of the Trust, Mike Sandeman has carried out a dual role of CEO of the Trust and Head of College at Arthur Mellows.

In September 2022, two brand new schools will join the Trust.  Currently under construction are Manor Drive Secondary and Manor Drive Primary Academies.  Interim appointments have already been made for Headteachers and Chairs of Governors of each school.  In addition, we are working with an existing Peterborough secondary school who are also looking to join the Trust within the 2021/22 academic year.  It is as a result of this growth, that this planned change in the management structure will now be implemented.


Chair of Trustees, Four Cs Multi-Academy Trust